Challenge Ladder User's Guide for Participants

Integrated with R2 Sports App for making and reporting challenges

R2 Sports Challenge Ladders has integrated with the R2 Sports App. Users can now search for Challenge Ladders, join ladders, make challenges, accept challenges, update results and view results through the R2 Sports App.

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View screen shots of how to make and report challenges using the R2 sports app

R2sports Screen Shots: Penalties

Failure to Respond

Failure to Respond to Challenge


Penlatiy for not reponding to Challenge.

- When a player fails to respond to a challenge request

- A Warning Notification is sent and “Live Feed” updated for the player(s) who has not responded to a challenge request.

- Ladder directors set the number of days players have to respond to a challenge before a penalty is given.

- If you are the player being challenged.

- Match/Game results in a “Win by Forfeit – No Show”.

- Player awarded points and ranking. u When penalty is updated

- Push notification sent to anyone involved in challenge.

- “Live Feed” updated with forfeit results.