Challenge Ladder User's Guide for Participants

Integrated with R2 Sports App for making and reporting challenges

R2 Sports Challenge Ladders has integrated with the R2 Sports App. Users can now search for Challenge Ladders, join ladders, make challenges, accept challenges, update results and view results through the R2 Sports App.

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View screen shots of how to make and report challenges using the R2 sports app

R2sports Screen Shots: Engage Socially

Comment on Matches

Making Comments on Matches


- Select match you want to comment on from “Live Feed”.

- From the Match/Game Details page.

- Select the “Comment” Icon.

- From the Match/Game Comments page.

- Select the “Comment” Icon.

- Message box will appear with keyboard.

- Type message then select arrow to create post.

- User can comment a image, audio clip or video.

- Video clip will be posted using YouTube.

- Select “Share” icon to share match details.

- Process the same as sharing Event Details.