Challenge Ladder Screen Shots

View screen shots of the R2 sports challenge software.

See images of how the director chooses the challenge ladder options and sets the rules. A challenge ladder website is automatically generated after completing the setup. Players can register online for the challenge ladder along with challenging opponents and report results.

The challenge ladder email system sends auto-emails when challenges are requested or when no response or non activity penalty is issued. Directors can modify rankings if results are reported incorrectly and make and accepted challenges for players.

Activate free challenge ladder HERE.

R2sports Screen Shots: Automated Emails

No Response Warning

The director sets the maximum number of days in which an opponent must respond to a requested challenge match. One day before the forfeit is issued, the player will get a no response warning email.

If the opponent fails to respond within one day after receive the warning, a forfeit due to no response is issued and a notification of forfeit email is sent to the challenger.