Racquetball Ladder

Our ladder racquetball program makes it easy for players to make challenges and report results. The Racquetball ladder software automatically updates the ranking positions after a lower ranked challenger wins a match.

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Racquetball Player Features

Participants join the online racquetball ladder through the challenge website. Players first create a player profile and then select divisions for online entries.

Once the registration is completed, players can view the list of opponents available to challenge and make a challenge request. An email will be sent to the person being challenged and they can accept one of the locations and times that was offered. The racquetball ladder software will adjust the online racquetball ladder rankings after match scores are entered.

View all of the racquetball ladder rules on the challenge ladder rules page. The game play format and any additional play instructions will be found there.

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Racquetball Director Features

The racquetball ladder software creates the sports ladder website after the director goes through all of the steps in the setup section. During the setup, directors can customize the website and set the racquetball challenge ladder rules for the participants. The options for challenge ladder rules allow directors to select how many spots opponents can challenge up, if you want to have non-activity penalties, and time limits for responding to challenges.

Racquetball ladder directors are responsible for setting up their racquetball challenge ladders After the initial setup, the system maintains itself as players report their own results. Directors may have to handle disputes between players and edit rankings in the racquetball ladder software when a match is reported incorrectly.

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