Squash Ladder

Our ladder squash program makes it easy for squash players to challenge opponents and report their scores. The challenge ladder squash software recalculates ranking positions after the match results have been entered.

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Squash Player Features

Participants can go to the squash ladder website to get all of the challenge ladder information. The sports ladder website home page has links to all of the features and shows recent results that were reported along with activity history that has recently taken place on the squash ladder.

Players can enter online by clicking the Enter Now link on the home page. The registrant will enter profile and contact information, select divisions to enter, then view their events registration receipt. After a successful registration, they will be added to the challenge ladder rankings and placed as the lowest ranked person on the squash ladder.

The rules page on the website displays all of the challenge ladder rules set for the squash ladder. This will show all the specific rules set by the director and describe the game format to use when playing. Additional text and instructions from the director may be on the rules page.

Competitors login to the reporting section for anything regarding a challenge. Options include viewing available challenges, challenging an opponent, accepting a challenge request, and reporting match results for the squash ladder.

Emails are sent out through the squash ladder system after specific actions occur. When a challenge is requested, the opponent will receive an email to respond to the challenge. Other emails are sent if a match is canceled or if any types of penalties are issued.

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Squash Director Features

It is the director’s job to decide on the rules and formats that the squash ladder will follow, along with handling any disputes that may come up between the players. Setup the sports ladder software by going through all of the steps in the setup section. Steps include setting the name of the challenge ladder, deciding which divisions to offer, and setting rules for the squash ladder.

Select options for the ladder, like if females are allowed to compete on male ladders, and how many spots a player can challenge higher. Set a non activity penalty if you want to penalize players for not making a challenge within a certain time period. Also set the maximum amount of response time to a challenge request before a forced forfeit occurs.

In the setup section, directors can customize the squash ladder website. Select the color layout, upload an image, and use the content manager to create a home page message. Turn off the online registration if you want to have a closed squash ladder that is not open to the public. The director can conveniently send email blasts to registered participants by simply typing the message and clicking the send link.

The participants section allows directors to add players to the squash ladder, make or accept challenges, and report game results on behalf of the players.

When players report their own scores and accidentally make an error, directors can go in and modify the rankings in the ladder software to reorder the squash ladder when necessary.

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