Tennis Ladder

Our ladder tennis program makes it easy for participants to challenge opponents and report their results. The challenge tennis ladder software updates ranking positions automatically when a challenger wins a match.

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Tennis Player Features

Competitors can do everything they need through the tennis ladder website. On the website sports ladder home page, players can view recent results and activity history. To join the tennis ladder, click the link from the home page to register online.

After registering for the tennis ladder, players receive a starting challenge ladder ranking position below the worst ranked competitor. Read through all the challenge ladder rules that the director has set in the rules section.

The reporting section on the website allows players to view available challenges and challenge higher ranked opponents on the tennis ladder. The opponent receives an automated email where they can accept the challenge. After the match is over, login back in to report results and enter scores.

The tennis ladder email system sends notifications to players when a challenge request is made or accepted, a challenge is reported, and when a non activity penalty is issued.

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Tennis Director Features

The tennis ladder director is responsible for selecting the ladder challenge settings. Options include: How many ranking spots can be challenged up, allowing one open challenge where a player can challenge anyone on the tennis ladder their fist time, time limits to respond to challenges, penalties for not playing, and more.

Once the initial setup has been completed, the director can customize the tennis ladder website by choosing a color scheme, adding a home page message using the content manager, and uploading a logo. Add participants, make challenges for players, and report results for them in the participants section. View different challenge ladder divisions on the sport ladder divisions page.

The director for the tennis ladder may also edit rankings in the ladder software if results are reported incorrectly by a player and the ranking spots need to be adjusted. When necessary, send email blasts to all players on your tennis ladders through the setup section.

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