Challenge Ladder User's Guide for Participants

Integrated with R2 Sports App for making and reporting challenges

R2 Sports Challenge Ladders has integrated with the R2 Sports App. Users can now search for Challenge Ladders, join ladders, make challenges, accept challenges, update results and view results through the R2 Sports App.

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View screen shots of how to make and report challenges using the R2 sports app

R2sports Screen Shots: Challenge Ladder Software

Challenge Ladder Software Images

Getting Started with the R2 Sports App

Learn the basic steps on how to get started with the R2 Sports App.

In this section you will learn the following steps:
Click on the link to learn more about the step
-View the Tutorial Slide Show
-Sign in to the App
-Create a New Profile
-Verify New Account
-Learn to follow a Sport - Most Important Step
-View Sport Details Page

Join Ladder

Learn to search for and join a Challenge Ladder.


Learn the steps on how to search for Ladders.

In this section you will learn the following steps.

- Search and Find sports ladder

- Ladder Search results and following ladder.

- Join Sports Ladder.

Make Challenge

Learning How to Make a Challenge


In this section you will learn how to make a challenge.

- The different Ladder Challenge Options

- How to Challenge Player/Team.

-What happens After Ladder System Challenge Request is made.

Responding To Challenge

Responding to and Rescheduling a Challenge Ladder Request


After Challenge has been made you will need to respond or reschedule the challenge request.

In this section you will leart to reschedule, cancel and respond to a challenge ladder request.

-Reschedule Ladder Compeition Resquest

- Cancel Challenge

-Respond to New Challenge

- Accept Sports Ladder Challenge

- After a Challenge has been accepted

Report Results

Howto Report Results and what happens when Results are Updates.


Here is the process of how to update Challenge Ladder results.

- Find Ladder Sport Match.

- Entering Compeitition Ladder Results.

- What happens after results are updates.

Invite Others

Invite Others to Join Challenge Ladder


Learn to share Challenge Ladder with others. Spread the word and get more people involved with the Challange Ladder you are part of.

You can share through a text, Facebook and more!

- Share Challenge Ladder.


Challenge Ladder Penalties


There are different ways that you get a Challenge Ladder penalty.

Listed below are the penalties you can receive.

-Non Activity Penalty.

-Non Response to Challenge Ladder Request.

- Non Response to Reschedule request.

Engage Socially

How to Engage Socially


- Learn to Comment Matches

- Liking Matches and Comments